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A Silhouette of My Life

Me and the Cross

At my lowest,

God is my HOPE

At my darkest,

God is my LIGHT

At my weakest,

God is my STRENGTH

At my saddest,

God is my COMFORTER.

Al Wahba Crater Escapade (Part 1)

Me and my fellow members of Pinoy Tambayan Photographers, a group of Filipino photographers here in Jeddah  headed for a Friday Nature Photography adventure at Al Wahba Crater  in Jizan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was a 4-hour travel by land from our point of origin. Along the way, the sun rose in front of our convoy which made us park for a while and have some shots to begin the day’s activity. Maybe it was Mother Nature’s saying, welcome to a great day ahead.

sunrise sunrise 2
This post will be the first part of a 3-post series about our adventure. In the next part of this series you will witness Filipino Photographers conquer the beauty of Al Wahba Crater in this foreign land which serves as our second home.



Daily Prompt: Standstill – I Miss Home

I wish peace. I long for serenity.  I want calmness.  I need happiness.  I MISS HOME

atulayan island

Actually, time always stood still, every time I miss home. I’m working here in abroad while my family is in the Philippines. My wife is taking care of our first baby born child, now 12 days old.

Time stood still while I’m remembering each moment while we were together before I went abroad. Treasured moments of laughter and struggles. Things flashed back on my mind on how we become successful in overcoming trials together.

And if I could only tweak a thing, it would be being there for them even for a single moment to give them both a hug and a kiss.

I miss home.



I’ll make it simple for today’s daily prompt.

In every troubled times

the safest place for me is within my Lord’s embrace. 

I am always welcome to Him with arms wide open.

And to make it sure it will remain open forever, He have His hands nailed.

at the Cross I bow my knees

At the Cross I bend my knee.


At Dusk I shall Return

orange and blue scarecrow


Street Silhouettes #01

blacksbridge 5